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 this is a email off mall

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peter summerill

peter summerill

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PostSubject: this is a email off mall   Thu May 19, 2011 6:33 am


A few points to update you on

As you know I had a meeting with the Northern FCW Area Managers. This was a very positive meeting although the FCW Managers were a little bewildered and were under the impression that Treadlightly had all the answers to their problems.
One thing that came over was there was a lack of real knowledge off Vehicular ROW in forestry areas and of vehicular rights in general. There was however an acceptance that the problems they face could not be addressed by just banishing all vehicles from the forestry areas, and that it would be better to introduce management options.

When the issue of work in Coed y Cwmoed came up I got the impression that we would have to wait to see what came up from the LFR project that is due to start in South Wales soon before Treadlightly got involved in the south, I might be wrong but there seem to be no rush to move our project in the south forward at this time.

I have since had chance to speak directly with Ian Hayward from LFR face to face and I that conversation confirmed my thoughts that FCW will run with LFR in the South and TL in the North and see which provides the best solution for them, we will have to wait and see if that is the case.

With regards to the Sarn Helen prosecution the CPS asked for an adjournment on the Friday before the case was due to be heard and have asked that it is put on the listing for the 5th May but the defendants do not need to attend so who knows what's happening here. There is a rumour being put about that it was the defence that asked for the adjournment this is definitely not true please make others aware of this.

Finally after being informed that the notices of the TRO on the Gap had been removed I have spoken to PCC Highways, they indeed did remove the signs and informed me that in their opinion it is a restricted byway and as such the signs were not necessary as vehicle rights were no longer attributed to this route, TRF and LARA are asking for evidence and reasoning behind this irrational decision.

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this is a email off mall
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